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Add in the Details

Right now, you should have your Pokémon card open.

1. First, take the image you you want to put in your card and paste it into that blank white area where the picture should be. You should be able to figure that one out.

2. Next, use your program's text tool ( or something of the like) and begin filling in the text.

Below is a guide of which fonts and sizes to use for Pokémon and Trainer cards. Since Macs and PC's have difference in their font sizes, I've made different size guides for Mac and PC graphics programs.


Pokémon Card Sizes

Trainer Card Sizes

Pokémon Card Sizes

Trainer Card Sizes

You should get the general idea of where to place the text. If you don't know, just look at a real Pokémon card and see.

3. Now, you should have a somewhat completed card. Next, you'll need to add the symbols.

Go to the symbols.jpg file and choose the symbols there to add to your card. The bigger symbols on the top are for the attacks. The smaller symbols on the bottom are for the Weakness and Resistance.

When you've decided which symbols to use, use your programs lasso tool () or circle select tool () (which ever one works for you) and carefully select the symbol. Copy the symbol and then paste it onto your card.

After you do all your coping and pasting, it should look something like that:

Afterwards, you may add your own personal Expansion symbol. My personal Expansion symbol is my "Victory" symbol ().


Did you add in all the details? Good. Then proceed to Step 6.

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