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Be an Affiliate!

Here are some of my affiliates:

If you want to become an affiliate, your site must first pass the test:
  • Must have a good number of Pokémon info (duh)
  • Must have original content (this is the key factor in becoming an affiliate).
  • At least 2500 people have been to your site (you are encouraged to not alter your counter to show that 2500+ people have been to your site.)
  • Must have a nice layout
  • Is updated often
  • It takes longer than 3 or so minutes to go through every page on your site.
  • No copy cat sites! This means your site must look different that other Pokémon sites (either from past or present), both in design and content.

If your site passes the test, then email me and ask to become an affiliate.

Basically, if your site is good (whether you, I, or the viewers think it's good), then you can become an affiliate.

What you get is a free plug on my site (a banner on the front page rather than in my links page) and free access to anything on my site or anything that I may have (like fake card backs without all that stamp stuff on it).

All that I ask for in return is that you place one of my banners (found on my links page) on your front page and that you keep in regular contact with me. That, and I get free access to some bit of cool info on your site.

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