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Pokémon USA game, by Jimmy Cannon

Download Pokémon USA for DOS (59K!)

What the game is, well, it's Pokémon USA. In DOS mode. There's still a lot of stuff that needs to be done with it.

It's not totally Pokémon USA, though, some of the regular Pokémon are the main guys so far. However it takes place in the US... Pacifica, California to be exact. We'll see what'll happen with it later on.

The game is very straight forward. You name yourself, choose one of your Pokémon, and then battle one of the 4 Pokémon you get against another Pokémon. If you're tired of playing, the game ends. No story line so far, no other Pokémon to get, and no other Pokémon to fight. All in due time.

Since the game isn't totally finished, you might encounter some glitches. Oh you might actually like the game and want to tell Jimmy how much you like it. In any case, email Jimmy at IVIegax@hotmail.com and talk to him.

Version History:
Negative Zeta Version (11/2/99): The very first version of the program. Introduces the game's fighting mechanics.

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