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Considering the size of Pokémon Aaah!, one person can't really answer all of your questions concerning certain pages here. So if your question falls under one of these topics, then email the appropriate person.

But first, read the PA! email FAQ.

Q: Are these cards real?
A: Heck no. They're FAKE. That's why this is a Fake Card web site.

Q: Are these fake cards for sale?
A: These fake cards are not for sale. Heck, they're not even real, so how can we sell them to you? Besides, we can get arrested for selling fake cards.

Q: What program to you use to make your fake cards?
A: Nick15 personally uses Adobe Photoshop 5 to compile the cards and draw some of the images, and uses Infini-D 4.5 to draw the 3D images. .... Adobe Photoshop is still being sold regularly, but I don't think Infini-D is anymore.

Q: How do you pronounce/spell "Aaah!"?
A: Originally is was meant to be "scream bloody murder", however now it's just any which way you want to say it. It could be a sigh or relief, or a yelp of disgust, or whatever. As for spelling, you can spell it "Ah!" or "AAAAhhhhahhhhhhgggha!!!!" and it's still basically refer to PA!.

Q: Do you need help with your web site?
A: Maybe. What can you do?

Q: Can I be the webmaster?
A: Sorry, but besides Nick15 (and anyone he chooses), no one can be webmaster.

Q: Can I at least be on staff?
A: Is there anything ORIGINAL you can do for this site?

Q: Can you help me build my web site?
A: No, we're all TOO busy with Pokémon Aaah!.

Q: Can you visit my web site?
A: Maybe.... does it have to do with Pokémon or Fake Cards?

Q: Can I use the AOL embed image thing to send you an image?
A: NO!!! NO!!! Don't EVER use the crappy AOL embed image thing. Instead ATTACH the image to your email. ATTACH the image. ATTACH the image. ATTACH the image. ... ATTACH the image.

Q: Can you be my friend?
A: Uhm.... we all have enough friends (unless you happen to be over 17 and a girl, then I'll be your friend ). If anything, there are plenty of friends over at the
PA! Fourms for you.

Q: Can I send you a fan fic?
A: Uh... no... we're not taking fan fic submissions yet.

Q: How did you get so popular?
A: Hard work and A LOT of politics.

Q: Can you make me popular?
A: ... What am I getting out of it? If you pay us, maybe we'll make you popular.

Q: Can I use your images on my page?
A: No, except for the fake cards made by the staff here. We don't want people stealing our stuff. If we find out you took something from PA!, we'll either tell you to take it off from your site... or just play around with you for a while. ;)

Q: HA! I stole/modified your images. Now what are you going to do about that?!
A: Well, we'll talk to the company who's hosting your site about Internet theft. They'd love to kick you off. Or we'll talk to your ISP about Internet theft. They'd love to disconnect you. Or we'll talk to our Lawyer about Internet theft. He'd love to sue you. ... Or we'll just play around with the stolen image, maybe we could use it as some free advertisement.

Q: Hey! You didn't update!!!
A: Tough. We all have a life, you know. We can't update it EVERY day.

Q: Hey! You didn't answer my email!!
A: Tough. We can't reply to EVERYONE's email. You try replying to like 100 emails a day.

Q: Your card fonts don't work!
A: Our name isn't Tech Support, so don't tell us about it. Besides, we don't dabble in fonts any more, so it's even less our problem.

Q: Can I call you by your real name?
A: We'd prefer if you didn't. It's bad Internet manners to call someone by their real name while on the Internet (unless they say it's OK).

Q: Can I be a moderator/admin for the PA! Fourms?
A: No. Not now, not ever, no way. WE choose the moderators and admins if we feel you're worthy enough. ;)

Q: This site, is without a doubt, the worst website ever.
A: Yeah, well what right do you have to complain about it?

Q: As a viewer, I feel you owe me for this crappy site.
A: What? We're giving you thousands of hours of entertainment for
free. What could we possibly owe you? If anything, you owe us!

Q: [slight pause] Worst website ever.
A: That doesn't even deserve an answer.

Q: Well still, your fake cards suck.
A: I know they do. I'm probably the only fake card maker to acknowledge that. Just because I'm the Fake Card Master doesn't mean I actually like my work. The deal is, I'm never satisified with what I do. My stuff DOES suck, and none of anyone's sucking up and endless complements will change my mind. See, if I'm actually satisfied with my work, then I wouldn't change it. And if I never change my work, it can never get any better. At least with my discontempt and sickness for my own work, I can strive to get better at it. ... Of course, I'm not the only person to think this way, most other artists agree with me (or I agree with them... either way).

Q: Hey! There's this guy named "Zippo" over at the Pokémon Factory, and he has ALL your fake cards!!
A: Actually, Zippo is Nick15. He jumped on with the Pokémon Factory way before PA! was ever popular. However, he couldn't choose Nick15 for his name, so he chose one of his Pokémon USA Pokémon, Zippo.

There. Now we hoped you read over the above FAQ. We don't want you to get upset if none of us replies to your email!

If you think you're ready to email us, here's the email addresses. Remember, we are all busy people (with our own lives outside this web site), so don't get mad at us if your email isn't replied to.

Pokémon USA Questions: Terry Tibke
Pokémon City Questions:
Robert H. Magnusson
Metropolitan Masters Questions:
David Klug
TCG Questions, Page Updates:
PA! in General:

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