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PA! Version 5 Hype

Hyping up something to come is a great way to get attention and to sort of work up the viewers. Hee hee....

The next MAJOR PA! update, version 5, will come along within the next few months.... specifically when MacOS X is released. Why? Well because the Nick15.com server currently lacks PERL, a scripting program used for so many cool web functions, like UBB's and NewsPro and so forth. Now MacOS X has Unix functions, which also includes PERL, which is something I badly need for this web server. So when MacOS X is released, be prepared to see v5 in action.

Now as for the site itself, here's what I have planned for it:

  • NewsPro News Updating: OK ok, I know using NewsPro is nothing new for a web site, but with it I can have other people truly update the news for me. This will finally be the time saver I've been wishing for!
  • UBB PA! Forums: Although ezBoards is cool, I prefer using UBB's for message boards.
  • Updated to Currently Un-Updated Sections: Like the PA!CA for example. It's still alive and I want to keep it alive, however all my time is being used to get news for the site. With a ton of other people updating the news for me, I'll have time to scan and post more cards to it. This can be applied to a number of sections that need to be updated (like the Nitpicker's Guide to Pokémon, I have yet to begin on that!)
  • Updated Graphics: I don't plan an entire overhaul of the site like what I've done with previous site versions, but I do plan to update the top title bar with a bit snazzier graphic, along with a few other things. (The titles will still be the same though.)
  • Revivals of Older Sections: Remember the PA!N? With my extra time, I'll be able to update that section regularly, or even have a PERL script that'll update it for me. Oohhhhh..... I may also begin writing Pokémon USA stories (we'll see about that one).

That's generally it for now. I have no idea when MacOS X will be released, so that means I have no idea when PA!5 will be ready. Hmmmm.....

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