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Pokémon Fake Cards:
Backdrop Workshop

This pages is for those of you who are to bored or lazy or tired to draw your own backdrops to your pictures on your blanks cards. Good times.

Right now there are two backdrop collections.

The Kanto Tourist is a 3D gallery that I put together, showcasing some hot locations found in Kanto in the Pokémon World.

The Trypticon Collection are just regular weird and trippy backdrops, ones not unlike cards like Sabrina's Drowzee and Blaine's Growlithe. Hoo hah! The names of the backdrops more or less describe what the backdrop looks like. Like if something has "burning" in it's name, then it's probably going to be red/orange/yellow-ish.

Enjoy! They're FREE for you to use on your fake cards... or anything else you have in mind... PROVIDED you don't edit them.


The Kanto Tourist

Pallet Plains
Viridian Sunset
Pewter Plateau
Majestic Mt. Moon
Cerulean Cape
Lavender Hills
Vermilion Vacation
Seafoam Sunrise

The Trypticon Collection

1980 Flamingo Wave
Blue Crater
Burning Dunes
Confetti Chaos
Fire Wave
Green Candlelight
Lightning Orbs
Marble Waterfall
Rainy Stripes
Sand Bubbles
Slippery When Wet
Tunnel Vision
TV Radiation
Wave Spots


BTW, I KNOW if you're using one of my backdrops illegally. So don't bother to give me some sob story about how your friend gave them to your or anything when I email you about it, I'm not THAT easily fooled. I'm actually smarter than you think... ;)

Also: We are not "Tech Support", so we cannot help you install anything.

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