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Pokémon City

Pokémon City, an original fan-fic story line created by Robert H. Magnusson

Pokémon City is an original Pokémon story line that stars anthomorphic (er... Human-ized) Pokémon living in Pokémon City. It is all wonderfully written and beautifully drawn all by Robert. Once you read it, you'll be hooked!

"[It's a] comic series I'm doing as a series of doodles, entitled Pokémon(™) City, which features anthromorphic Pokémon living in, well, Pokémon City, with a storyline revolving around Marrilyn the Marril and Chue the Pikachu."

This page here contains all of Robert's Pokémon City fan-fics, along with some comic strips that he does periodically. There is also a Character log, where Robert showcases some characters slated to appear, along with some fake cards that Robert made himself for the stories.

Here's some info on Pokémon USA:
Stories (Text) (The original stories for Pokémon City written and illustrated by RHM!)
Stories (Comics) (Comics by RHM for Pokémon City, these came after the Text stories.)
Pokémon City Fake Cards (cards by RHM for Pokémon City)
Characters (includes images and profiles of the different characters in Pokémon City)

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