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Pokémon TV Lost Episodes

Lo and behold! The two most disturbing Pokémon episodes that will never air on American TV EVER!

Note: One picture here has a rapid flashing background. Please, don't stick your face close to the computer monitor. And if you are prone to epileptic seizures, just stay away from this page all together. If you take your chances and something bad occurs (like headaches or seizures), it's not my fault, because I already warned you about it. You chose to view it.

And don't complain to me that you can't read. If you're over 8 and you can't read this warning, then you've got some major educational problems.

1. Holiday at Porta Vista (aired between episodes 17 & 18)

Whoo hoo! On June 24th, 2000, this episode was actually aired on national American television. Wheee! But if you ask me, this should have stayed lost.

But if you want to read what I had before, uhm.... keep on reading. Hoo haa!

My Summary:
Ash's mom and Dr. Oak happen to come to Porta Vista, at the same time that Ash, Misty, and Brock came after their encounter with the Giant Pokémon. The group find Ryu, an old man who runs a beach house. Somehow, Ash's antics destroys Ryu's wooden dock. However, Ryu is too poor to try to repair the dock, and Ash & Co. are also poor. The party later learn of a beauty pageant, "Miss Sunburn". And the prize money is enough to pay off the dock. So Misty and Ash's mom join the contest. Later, Team Rocket is back at it again, and enters the contest also (yes, both Jesse and James). In order for James to participate, he has to wear a body suit with fake... thingies.... so that he can looks like a woman. But eventually Team Rocket goes tiresome and stirs up some havoc. Ash and his Pokémon eventually drive Team Rocket away. Later Ash's mom wins the competition and gives the money to Ryu to fix his deck.

Official Summary:
After finally escaping the deserted island, our heroes arrive in Acapulco, the world's greatest resort. They begin their vacation on endless beautiful beaches lined with palm trees. Ash, Misty and Brock go joyriding in a cruiser belonging to an old man and, inadvertently, break it. Our heroes and their Pokémon work temporarily for the old man to pay off their debt. Business is booming, creating resentment from his main competitor. As a result, Team Rocket is employed to interfere. Ash and friends only see this as a temporary set back, and come up with a plan that will blow the old man's competitor and her co-conspirators, Team Rocket, out of the water. During all of this commotion, Professor Oak and Ash's mother unexpectedly show up to witness Ash defeat his competitors and prove himself to be one step closer to becoming a Pokémon Master.

The reason why it won't air in the US: James takes his cross-dressing schemes a bit too far. The SB&P (Standard Broadcasts & Practices, TV censors) thinks that this'll warp the children.
Check out this screenshot. (Watch out, this'll warp the kids for sure! [sarcastic])

I'm sure it will, but there's nothing saying that you can cut out those scenes or just zoom in on their heads so that you can't see all the naughty scenes. Bah!

2. Electric Soldier Porygon

My Summary:
Pokémon centers have a system to transport Pokéballs to other centers. One day, the system just breaks down. Dr. Akihabara, who developed the system, sends Ash and his friends fine out what's wrong. Our heroes find out that Team Rocket has broken in, capturing Pokéballs. This caused the Pokéball transporter system to shut down. While Ash and so forth fight Team Rocket, an unexpected error occurs. Nurse Joy is afraid that the system crashed, and orders a security company to install a vaccine program. The program later is activated and takes the form of a missile. The vaccine program doesn't realize that Ash and his friends aren't bugs in the computer and constantly attacks them. Porygon, a Pokémon that Ash and Co. used to enter the system, eventually leads the crew to safety.

The reason why it won't air in the US: As the missiles were being fired towards Ash and Co.'s general direction, Ash uses Pikachu to knock out a few of them before it hits them. Pikachu does, and the missile explodes in a rapid flashing red-blue effect.
Unfortunately, flashing is #1 on a kid's bad list. When the episode aired in Japan, about 700 kids were rushed to a hospital due to epileptic seizures. Since there's more kids in the US than in Japan, a greater number of kids will suffer seizures.
Here's a clip of the episode (approx 2 megs). If you get seizures, it's not my fault. You chose to watch it.

Now what I don't get is why don't they just edit out the flashing parts? North America (or just the US) has very good editing equipment, so something like that can be done so easily! Look:

Evil Flashing Scene
The "evil" flashing scene...
(If you get seizures, it's not my fault. You chose to watch it.)
An edited scene with the flashing replaced with an explosion.

Now the new picture was done in like 10 minutes using just Adobe Photoshop. The guys how distribute Pokémon to the States has a lot more time on their hands and a lot more money. The flashing can easily be replaced with a regular explosion. Sure, the quality of the scene won't be the best, but it'll save lots of kids!

3. Legend of Dratini

Official Summary:
After finally entering the Safari Zone, our heroes meet up with the elderly supervisor of the zone. As they are being explained the rules of the safari zone in his office, a picture, carefully hung there, catches Ash's attention. It is a picture of the elderly supervisor as a boy, taken alongside a Dratini, the legendary Pokémon. Ash asks desperately about the existence of Dratini, but the elderly man denies everything. Hearing of the plenitude of Pokémon in the safari zone, Team Rocket also arrives on the scene.

The reason why it won't air in the US: This episode was never aired because the Game Warden of the Safari Zone began shooting at people. The Censors pulled the episode out because of that, most likely using several school shootings as a reason to pull it off the air.
(Thanks to Karl Rodulfo [Rhod718@email.msn.com] for this info.)

Bah! It's not like kids haven't seen guns and shooting on TV. I watch that kind of stuff all the time when I was a kid. I don't have a criminal record, nor do I have a gun and start shooting people. I'm a regular kid who works hard in school and doesn't do anything to jeprodize my future or anyone's life.

Parents, did you ever watch any cowboy or Western TV shows when you were a kid (like the Lone Ranger)? Am I wrong when I say that western and cowboy shows and movies have a lot of shooting in it? Did that "warp" you to a point where you'd start shooting people in real life? I doubt it. My dad watched all sorts of western TV shows and he never shot a person in his life. Plus he was able to raise me, a very smart and sensible kid and a really cool webmaster to boot! What gives here?

Also, if censors are pulling it because of it may causing a school shooting... get a clue! OK, a few bad apples do surface, but how many kids don't plan to shoot someone at school? In a school of say... 800 kids, and 2 people plan a shooting. OK, that's 2 bad apples (who, through psychological and blackground analysis, learned shooting from their parents and not cartoons). But then that means 798 other kids don't want or plan to shoot. That's 99.75% of the students who wont shoot. Plus, there are thousands of other schools that have never witnessed a school shooting. Take my high school. It was built in 1964, and not one school shooting has occurred (to my knowledge).

On top of that, remember the Squirtle Squad episode? Remember the part where Team Rocket robs the store, and when Ash walks in, like 5 or 6 people with rifles and other weapons point their guns at Ash? What gives here then??

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