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Red/Blue Item Info

This page will give you information on what item is what and what item does what. Confused yet? :)

Poké Ball

Allows you to catch up to tiny Pokémon with ease.
TIP: Use a Poké Ball on any Lv. 3 Pokémon and instantly capture them!

Great Ball

Allows you to catch up to medium sized Pokémon with ease.

Ultra Ball

Allows you to catch up to large sized Pokémon with ease.

Safari Ball

Used when in the Safari Zone. It sucks.

Master Ball

Allows you to catch any Pokémon you come across. Cool! You only will have one Master Ball, so choose wisely who you'll capture!


Un-poisons your Pokémon

Burn Heal

Un-burns your Pokémon

Ice Heal

Un-freezes your Pokémon


Un-asleeps your Pokémon

Paralyz Heal

Un-paralyze your Pokémon

Full Heal

Un-everything your Pokémon


Restores 20 HP

Super Potion

Restores 50 HP

Hyper Potion

Restores 150 HP

Max Potion

Restores all HP

Full Restore

Restores all HP and un-everythings your Pokémon. Sweet!


Brings a KO'ed Pokémon back from... being KO'ed while providing the Pokémon back with 50% health.

Max Revive

Un-KO's your Pokémon and restores all HP. Sweet!

Rare Candy

Ups a Pokémon level by one.


Ups a Pokémon's HP a bit


Ups a Pokémon's PP a bit (Rare)


Ups a Pokémon's Attack a bit


Ups a Pokémon's Defence a bit


Ups a Pokémon's Speed a bit


Ups a Pokémon's Special a bit

X Attack

Ups a Pokémon's Attack during battle

X Defend

Ups a Pokémon's Defence during battle

X Special

Ups a Pokémon's Special during battle

X Speed

Ups a Pokémon's Speed during battle

X Accuracy

Ups a Pokémon's Accuracy during battle

Guard Special

The Defending Pokémon can't use it's special attacks.

Dire Hit

Ups a Pokémon's attack during battle


Makes you go faster. Duh!

Escape Rope

Allows you to escape a cave or building.


Keeps up to tiny Pokémon from attacking.

Super Repel

Keeps up to medium sized Pokémon from attacking.

Max Repel

Keep up to large sized Pokémon from attacking.

Poké Doll

Give it to the annoying girl who mimic you.

Silph Scope

Allows you to see and fight Ghost type Pokémon

Poke Flute

Wakes up your sleeping Pokémon

Old Rod

Allows you to catch tiny Pokémon

Good Rod

Allows you to catch up to medium sized Pokémon

Super Rod

Allows you to catch up to large sized Pokémon

Item Finder

Helps you find hidden items on the ground.

Exp. All

Splits the Experience with all your Pokémon that are with you. Get's very annoying after a while.


Allows you to use the slot machines in the game corner.

Coin Case

Hold your coins for you.

Fresh Water

Restores some HP while in battle

Soda Pop

Restores more HP while in battle


Restores a bunch of HP while in battle

Fire Stone

Evolves some Fire Pokemon.

Thunder Stone

Evolves some Electric Pokemon.

Water Stone

Evolves some Water Pokemon.

Leaf Stone

Evolves some Grass Pokemon.

Moon Stone

Evolves some Pokémon

Helix Fossil

Give it to a Scientist on Cinnabar Island and get a Omanyte

Dome Fossil

Give it to a Scientist on Cinnabar Island and get a Kabuto

Old Amber

Give it to a Scientist on Cinnabar Island and get a Aerodactyl

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