Gym Leader #4

Name: Matsuba
Specialty: Ghost-type Pokémon
Badge: Esper Badge

LV. 21 Gastly
LV. 21 Haunter
LV. 25 Gengar
LV. 23 Haunter

Winning Tips:
Boy, this guy was a toughy! The LV 21 Gastly and Haunter fell after my LV. 28 Chikoriita Razor Leafed them, but all my Pokémon were destroyed by the Gengar. All I had left was my LV. 26 Pidgeotto, who fortunatly had enough power to take down the Gengar and LV. 23 Haunter. Oy! I thought I was ready with my LV. 26 Pokémon... boy was I wrong...

• ¥2300
• TM50

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