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Southern Island Info


One summer, one Pokémon movie, one Pokémon Promo set.

So really... what is Southern Island? Here are the facts:

Set Size & Release Date: Southern Island was a 18 card promo card set for Pokémon: Revalation Lugia (aka The Power of One) in Japan during the summer of 1999. I think it was for "Pikachu's Expedition" or something.
Us in North America might not see this set, but then, we might.

Pack Size: The cards aren't sold in pack, but instead sold in a presorted package.

There are 6 packages in all, with three cards in each. Each package contains Pokémon from a certain part of the Southern Islands.

Three of the packages take place on different part on the "Rainbow Island", in the "Sky", in the "Field of Flowers", and in the "Riverside".

The other three take place on "Tropical Island", in the "Jungle", on the "Beach", and in the "Sea".

Other Goodies: One of the cards in each pack is a foil card. The holo is actually the opposite of what people have come to think of as a holo card. The Holo is inverted, meaning that everything but the picture is a hologram (which before Holos were just the picture).

On average, one of these packages costs about $6.99 or $7.99 back in July/August 1999. Now you're lucky if you can get one for $20.

Symbol: The symbol for Southern Island a palm tree (a la Magic:TG's Mirage):

What else do I have for you? I've got:
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