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Promos Info

Promos... one class act.

So really... what are Promos? Here are the facts:

Promos are Pokémon cards made especially for a specific event, like a movie, airplane flight, or tournement.

They aren't sold in packs, but are instead handed out when you go to that specific event. And since they're handed out, they have no rarity.

Since WotC doesn't know how many Promo cards they'll make (heck, neither does Media Factory), so it only has a 1 "collector number". If it's a #6, then that is the 6th promo card made by WotC. ... However just because it's the 6th card made, it doesn't necessarily mean that it was the 6th card release to the public. Sometime WotC holds back. One example of this was with the Mew Promo. It was #8, but #6 and #7 weren't released to the public yet.

Depending on the popularity of the card and how people were able to get the card, a good round about price for a Promo card is $5, give or take a couple of bucks.

With the exception of the Pikachu promo that was "mistakenly" added into packs of Jungle, no promo cards are 1st Edition.

The symbol for Promo cards is a Star with the word "Promo" in it (so you'll know it's a Promo card!)

What else do I have for you? I've got:
American Promo Card Archive
Japanese Promos

(To view the cards in this set, along with combos and ruling, click on the Card Archive link on the sidebar.)

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