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TCG Card Mistakes

Pobody's Nerfect. That's why there are mistakes on numerious cards found in Pokémon. On this page, you will see several mistakes on card that have surfaced, and in most cases, I will provide you a picture of them. Keen!

Double Play
(1st Edition Kakuna & Bulbasaur; Base Set)

The Pikachu Fiasco
(1st Edition Pikachu; Base Set)

Other Flavor Text Errors
(1st Edition Voltrob; Base Set)

Tipsy Turvy
(Unlimited Diglett; Base Set)

Flip Out
(1st Edition Metapod & Caterpie, and all Vulpix; Base Set)

WHAT?! No Damage?!
(VERY FEW Base Set Ninetales)

Double Evolution
(Any Seaking & Rapidash; Jungle)

Plan B from Edition D
(1st Edition Butterfree; Jungle)

Split Personality
(1st Edition Nonholo Electrode; Jungle)

Have You Seen This Symbol?
(Some Unlimited Jungle Rares; Jungle)

Zapdos' Cutting Out
(1st Edition Holo Zapdos; Fossil)

Back to the Future!
(Any Dark Arbok; Team Rocket)

Going Deep
(Any Holo Dark Dragonite; Team Rocket)

Gas Mask
(Any Grimer; Team Rocket)

Lengthy Mistake
(Any Dark Rapidash; Team Rocket)

Allergic to Fighting
(Any Holo Dark Vileplume; Team Rocket)

To Be Holo, or Not To Be Holo
(VERY FEW Dark Dragonites; Team Rocket)

Really... I'm Not THAT Dark...
(Dark Raichu; Team Rocket)

Fighting Fire With Fire
(Blaine's Charizard; Gym: Challenge)

Ain't No Master At Gramma'
(Master Ball; Gym: Challenge)

The True Rocket Sneak Attack
(Rocket's Minefield Gym; Gym: Challenge)

Slashed Out
(Promo Eevee #11; Promo Card)

Hmmm... that's about all that I have. I know that there is more however. There are probably dozens of other errors, but none of them stand out more than with these. Oh well.

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