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Other Interesting Stuff

Well, here's where the rest of the TCG page goes. Anything that doesn't match up with the above sections goes here. But not that's it's all bad and stuff, it's just a depository of the really cool stuff. Check it out:

German 1st Edition Pokémon Cards
Scans I got a while back of the German Pokémon Cards

TCG Card Ruling (incomplete)
Tired of getting the stiff end at your local Pokémon tourney? Does your Tourney Judge know jack squat about Pokémon? Well with this Ruling guide, you'll never have to worry about something wrong going on with your game! Show those dumb opponents and judges a thing or two!

Thunderstorm Deck List
THe deck list for the Thunderstorm Gify Box.

Pokemontop50 New Code Pokemon Top 40 Site List (New)

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