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Vending Machine Info

A sort of no-rare set, sold in "sheets" of 3, they are the Vending Machines.

So really... what is the "Vending Machine" set? Here are the facts:

Set Size: There were 3 sets, sold in Green, Red, and Blue sheets. Each had like 36 cards, a total of 108 cards.
There was also a single sheet of 3 rare cards... so it totals up to about 111 cards.

Release Date: I'm not totally sure about the Japanese release date, but it was before June 1999, I think.

Other Goodies: The Pokémon in this set, based on what I saw, aren't very good. Really sub-par for Pokémon. Heck, I don't even think there is a Stage 2 card in the entire set.

There is a chance for VM to be released in North America, we'll have to see what WotC has up their sleeves.

Well... actually 2 of the 3 cards from that single Rare VM sheet were made in English Promo cards, Movie Promo Pikachu, and Nintendo Power Mewtwo. Those two were officially released in English from the entire VM sets.

Media Factory, the ones who make the Japanese TCG cards, had an art contest and three winners had their pictures on the cards. Cool! Word has it that the same contest may happen in North America. We can only wait.

Symbol: The symbol for the Vending Machine set is a Poké Ball type thing:

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