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Neo 2 Info

Pokémon card set number eight is on it's way over in Japan! Get ready to head over to ancient Central America folks, for it's time to go "Beyond the Ruins".... oooooooh!

So really... what is Neo 2: "Beyond the Ruins"? Here are the facts:

Set Size: Neo 2 will be 56 cards large (57 if you count Dark Raichu).
Using cool estimation and junk, American Neo 2 will be 75 cards large.

Release Date: The set was officially released on July 7th, 2000. During a Japanese Hobby Fair back on like... July 1st or something, some Neo 2 packs were handed out.

Other Goodies: ... None really. Dark Raichu makes it's official Japanese debut in Neo (as an Ultra-Rare). Don't get mad at this... I mean think about it. It's either "English First, Japanese Second" or "No English First At All". If you ask me, I'm fine with the "English First, Japanese Second" one.

As for the reason for this Central/South Americana theme is because of... Pichu! Yes, because of that Pokémon, we have this Central/South American theme. Now I'll bet you're wondering why. Well it's quite simple. In Cuzco, Peru, South America (to be exact), there was a temple (or city or something) that was built by the Incas and it was named Macchu Picchu. See the Picchu? It's Pichu! And it sounds exactly the same. Cool, huh?

(Thanks to Ruben D Peñaranda for setting me straight.)

Symbols: The symbol for the Neo 2 is an ancient American temple type thing:

What else do I have for you? I've got:
• Neo 2 "Fake" Spoilers
(a cool way to look at the spoilers! [to be completed])
Other Neo 2 Images

(To view the cards in this set, along with combos and ruling, click on the Card Archive link on the sidebar.)

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