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Gym: Heroes Info

Dig this... Japanese Gym 1, plus Japanese Gym 2, equals Gym: Heroes, the first English Gym set.

So really... what is Gym: Heroes? Here are the facts:

Set Size: Gym: Heroes contains 132 cards... mainly from Gym 1. It has 126 cards, and 6 energy, since word has it that BS2 and Fossil will be going out of print sometime soon.

Release Date: Gym: Heroes was released on August 14th, 2000.

Other Goodies: English Gym: Heroes and Japanese Gym 1 are not quite the same, mainly because Gym: Heroes had a combination of Japanese Gym 1 and Gym 2 cards.

This was because there was a certain lack of certain Pokémon types, namely Psychic Pokémon. Gym 2 was mixed in with Gym 1 since WotC didn't want someone who liked only Psychic Pokémon to get shafted.

And because of that mix, the symbol is different than the Japanese Gym 1, to avoid confusion between collectors. I mean, BS2 has a mix of Base and Jungle cards, which called for a change in symbols... eh?

Symbol: The symbol for Gym: Heroes is a stadium type thing:

What else do I have for you? I've got:
Gym: Heroes Preconstructed Deck Info
Other Gym: Heroes Images (I like Pictures.)
Instructions on how to use your Gym (Stadium) cards

(To view the cards in this set, along with combos and ruling, click on the Card Archive link on the sidebar.)

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