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Gym: Challenge Info

Does Sabrina, Koga, Blaine, and Giovanni have a challenge for you? Well, do they??

So really... what is Gym: Challenge? Here are the facts:

Set Size: Gym: Challenge contains 132 cards (126 new cards and 6 basic Energy). Whoo!

Release Date: Gym: Challenge was originally planned to be released on October 16th. Then it was pushed up to October 7th. Then it was pushed back to the 16th. Either way, Sears released it on the 4th.

Other Goodies: Certain cards will be taken out of Gym: Challenge, namely Imakuni?'s Doduo and _____'s Chansey. These really don't fit into a "serious" card set and will most likely be made into promos.

Also Misty's Tears will also be in this set, with a new picture rather than the highly-worshiped-by-middle-school-boys "Nude" version.

And then there's the infamous "Koga's Transformation" card (now known as Koga's Ninja Trick), which had the Bhuddist swastika on it, which was SADLY mistaken for a Nazi swastika. This time around, it's been changed to seem less offensive in the US (to really STUPID people). Click here to read more about it.

Since Gym: Challenge is a mixed set like Gym: Heroes, it'll have a different symbol than the Japanese Gym sets.

And this time, WotC fixed the rarity of cards, so that there aren't any "Common Rares" like in Heroes, like "Misty's Tentacool". This may come to something of a relief to many players out there.

Symbol: The symbol for Gym: Challenge is a stadium type thing, like the one in Gym: Heroes only backwards and semi-inverted:

What else do I have for you? I've got:
Gym: Challenge Preconstructed Deck Info
Other Gym: Challenge Images
Instructions on how to use your Gym (Stadium) cards
Gym: Challenge Print Run Information (Part 1)

(To view the cards in this set, along with combos and ruling, click on the Card Archive link on the sidebar.)

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