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Base Set 1 Info

The card set that start it all. Need I say more?

So really... what is Base Set 1? Here are the facts:

Set Size: Base Set 1 contains 102 cards.

Release Date: I really don't have an offical release date, and many shops had them out all over the place at different times. My guess would be Feburary 28th, 1999 as the official release date.

Other Goodies: It was the first Pokémon card set. That's quite interesting.

Word has it that this set was called "Fire" in Japanese. Hmmm....

Officially, this set is OUT OF PRINT in North America. Elsewhere in the Eastern Countries, it's still being printed.

Symbol: The symbol for BS1 is... we.... it has no symbol.

What else do I have for you? I've got:
BS1 Preconstructed Deck Info

(To view the cards in this set, along with combos and ruling, click on the Card Archive link on the sidebar.)

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