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Neo 3 Info


Neo't again!

So really... what is Neo 3? Here are the facts:

Set Size: The number of cards in Neo 3 is more or less 57 cards, like in Neo 2. American Neo: Legends will probably be in the 70's.

Release Date: November 23rd, 2000 in Japan, Summer/Fall 2001 in North America.

Other Goodies: Will complete the Neo set, making cards of Pokémon from G/S not already turned into cards.

The set title is called "The Legend Awakens". It mainly revolves around the 3 Legendary Beasts, like how Fossil was about the 3 Legendary Birds. It also has Ho-oh, Lugia, and (at last, like Fossil), Celeby.

Symbol: The symbol for Neo 3 is unknown... actually it's an Unown. I guess I was right the first time. The original Japanese advertisement for Neo 3 said cries from the Alpha Ruins woke up the Ledendary Beasts, so... I suppose it's an Unown shouting.

If not, it's probably a water drop landing in a puddle of water and the things coming out are more drops of water. Use your imagination!

What else do I have for you? I've got:
Neo 3 Images
Neo 3 Card Images

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