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"Team Rocket, Blast off at the Speed of Light!" If you like Pokémon and want to help search for aliens, then this group is for you! The Rocket Gang, as far as I know, is probably the only Pokémon group with SETI@Home and on the internet!

So.... now I guess you're wondering, "what's with all this alien stuff"? Well, there's this program you can download that allows you to search for aliens! Here's the place where you can download the program (click on the link):

This place will give you all the information on what to do for downloading and setting up and what-not. If you have any questions about the program itself, email those guys, not me!

Now once you're all set up with SETI@Home and you'd like to join The Rocket Gang, then click on the link below:

The link will lead you to our sign-up page. All you need to do is fill in two boxes, and then you've joined The Rocket Gang! It's that easy!

There's nothing to lose! Join The Rocket Gang today and help us extend our reach to the stars above!!

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