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WoTC Chat Archive

Wizards Chat is always filled with great information! That's why I decided to keep records of all the recent WoTC chats. Remember, these files are pretty big and may take a while to load.

2001 January - December

02.01.2001 - Click Here
01.26.2001 - Click Here
01.25.2001 - Click Here
01.18.2001 - Click Here
01.11.2001 - Click Here

2000 January - December

None Available

Right now, all I have is the most recent one but I am working on getting some more. So stay tuned for the most recent chats!

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Uh... I feel, that this has given me the most incredible and wonderful thing that I have ever been given and also, th-the worst. It-it's a mixed bag. It- uh... I have been taken to the- absolutly to the depths of extreme terror by this. I've had my whole soul undermined by it.... on the one hand. On the other hand, uh.. in one sence, my-uh.. my experiece has been about finding joy... joy... joy.. joy.. joy... joy... joy... joy... joy... joy... joy..joy..joy.joyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoyjoy....