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Download the Goods

Once you've got your graphics program, it's time to download everything you'll need to make your fakes! This page contains the blank card backs (pain stakenly scanned and edited by Nick15) to make realistic Pokémon cards.

There's quite a bit of things to download.... first there's the fonts, in a simple-to-download .ZIP/.SIT file, and then the actual blanks, which is in a friendly little window that just pops up when you click on it. Isn't that something special?


Fake Card Tools

MYOFC Fonts ( Windows)
MYOFC Fonts ( Macintosh)

Anti-Font HP (.ZIP/.PSD)
Anti-Font HP (.SIT/.PSD)

Neo Anti-Font HP (.GIF)
Regular Anti-Font HP (.GIF)
(MS Paint Compatible for MS Psint Fake Masters)

(Icons for the "Evolves from..." Icon Box)
(The .ZIP and the .SIT file are about 700k)

Windows (.ZIP/.PSD)
Windows (.GIF) (MS Paint Compatible)
Mac (.SIT/.PSD)


The Backdrops Workshop

The Blanks
Nick15's Blanks
Prepare to be amazed...! (@_@)

The Blanks Workshop
New and Original Blanks from the Fake Master

Now remember, they might not totally look like the real deal. That's why I said "realistic Pokémon cards", not "real Pokémon cards". And although most of the cards have fuzzy patches on them, the card will be covered up by text and symbols, so no one's going to notice (or care to notice).

Also since energy is so difficult to edit, it is not included. Sorry.

Please read: Please DO NOT remove the "This quality blank came from Pokémon Aaah! (www.nick15.com/pokemon)" text from the card. If I get enough people removing that part on the cards, I'll be FORCED to to this to the blanks:

I'm sure you don't want a big fat "PA!" to stick out on YOUR fake card. SO DON'T FORCE US TO DO THIS! Don't remove the text.

BTW, I KNOW if you're using one of my blanks illegally. So don't bother to give me some sob story about how your friend gave them to your or anything when I email you about it, I'm not THAT easily fooled. I'm actually smarter than you think... ;)

Also: We are not "Tech Support", so we cannot help you install anything.


Did you download all the Downloadables you need? Good. Then proceed to Step 3.

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