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Gold/Silver Gym Leader Info

Way back in November, when Gold & Silver first game out, I was one of the fastest web sites to provide all the info on the new Gold & Silver Gym Leaders. (Sniff, I miss those days...)

Anyway, this page here documents what I've discovered on those new Gym leaders and way on how to beat them. I've also got some really cool images that I drew myself of all the Gym leaders (taken from their Game Boy image). It's really cool!

(Click on the Gym Leader's Name to view their info.)

"New World":
Gym Leader 1: Hayato
Gym Leader 2: Tsukushi
Gym Leader 3: Akane
Gym Leader 4: Matsuba
Gym Leader 5: Shizima
Gym Leader 6: Mikan
Gym Leader 7: Yanagi
Gym Leader 8: Ibuki

"Old World":
Gym Leader 1: Brock
Gym Leader 2: Misty
Gym Leader 3: Lt. Surge
Gym Leader 4: Erika
Gym Leader 5: Sabrina
Gym Leader 6: Anzu
Gym Leader 7: Blaine
Gym Leader 8: Gary Oak

"The Final Four":
Final Four #1:
Final Four #2: Koga
Final Four #3: Bruno
Final Four #4:
Final Four Final Guy: Lance

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