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Hot TCG Decks

Here's a great place to base your Pokémon decks off of! If you wish to submit some decks, please click here. Your deck must be original (or almost original), have some sort of strategy, and/or playable enough to actually beat someone.

Deck Name

Deck Constructor

Deck Type

Brains & Brawn

Philippe Van Lieu

Psychic & Fighting

"Almost Instant Except You Have To Wait For The Good Cards Death"

Chris Gutzeit

Fire & Psychic

Fighting/Colorless Deck


Fighting & Colorless

Almost Colorless Deck

Chris Allran


Classic Haymaker (pure Speed)

Philippe Van Lieu

Fighting & Electric (with some Grass)

Classic Energy Denial

Philippe Van Lieu


Classic Wiggly Tough

Philippe Van Lieu

Colorless (with some Grass)

Bench Go Bye Bye! (Bench Destruction)

Philippe Van Lieu

Psychic & Electric

Infinite Energy Stall Deck

Jimmy Cannon

Grass & Psychic


Jimmy Cannon

Water & Grass

Cheeze Speed

Jimmy Cannon

Fire & Electric


Philippe Van Lieu

Psychic & Fire

Classic Damage Swap



Classic Rain Dance



Jesse & James of Team Rocket Deck

My Friend, Nate


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